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Why tackle prediabetes?  Because 1 in 7 health care dollars is spent treating diabetes and its complications. Diabetes costs are increasing by $16B per year. Download a 1-page report here.

Orient Yourself to Health | How to play:

  1. Let us know you’re participating by Tweeting #Orient2Health and tag @BlueMesaHealth.
  2. Solve each riddle and complete the associated task
  3. Submit your answers by 4pm, May 8th to enter the draw
  4. Show up to win!

Join us May 8, 5:45pm at the Blue Mesa Pod (Pod KK, Level 2) . We’ll draw 25 winners and give out a bunch of shiny new Garmin vívofit 3 trackers.

You gotta be there to win so don't miss it!


You can run miles on infinity bands
A gathering place for avoiding weight gain quicksand
If you brought friends into your exercise dream
How many pals could you have on your team?
Hint: Count number of machines.


There’s only one spot for cuisine, you’ll see
Try south-of-the-border or what swims in the sea
Queso Fundido or Soft Taco Lunch
Give it a think... what is your hunch
What's the host's first name?


Every half hour out of the blue
A watery spectacle plays right on cue
Stop for a minute or five and delight
In a show of propulsion, music and lights
Snap a pic here to upload proof you solved this riddle.
Hint: You will get about 3,000 steps outside the Aria, round trip.


Rods of steel, limbs in motion
Cochrane’s creation, a blissful notion
Find the dancer brave and strong
Celebrate completion and break into song
Snap a pic here to upload proof you solved this riddle
Hint: You will get about 3,300 steps outside the Aria, round trip.

Riddle #5

What 5th riddle?  
Nobody knew
The printing error came out of the blue
I hope you had fun and HLTH is a delight
What time is our event on Tuesday night?