What is Transform?


Transform is a remotely-delivered diabetes prevention program, delivered by real health coaches, and based upon the CDC-recognized National Diabetes Prevention Program curriculum.



Three distinct programs to choose from:


Transform | Digital Diabetes Prevention Program

  • Digital diabetes prevention program delivered via a wireless scale, Fitbit Flex and smartphone application.

  • Join and feel the support from a cohort of 10-12 other peers in an online social cohort.

  • Dedicated diabetes prevention-certified health coach guides you through the 12-month lifestyle change program and supports you for a full year.


Transformemos | Digital DPP En Español

  • Programa digital de prevención contra la diabetes (Digital DPP) presentado completamente en Español

  • Impartido en Español por instructores especializados (Coaches) y enfocado en cultura y cocina Hispana y Latina

  • Desarrollado con base en los requerimientos del Centro de control de enfermedades (CDC) y el  modelo aprobado “Prevenga el T2”

  • Cuenta con herramientas sofisticadas: báscula inalámbrica, accesorios Fitbit, y aplicación para teléfono inteligente


Transform DPP-by-mail: A Low-Tech Remotely-Delivered Diabetes Prevention Program

  • Wireless scale and Fitbit mailed directly to the home.

  • Health coach communication done primarily via phone and texting (for those who might find a smartphone-based program a little too "high-tech".

  • Weekly lessons (and other helpful tools) delivered each week in the mail (also available in easy-to-read format online).


Four Pillars of Prevention:



A professional, dedicated health coach trained in the CDC's Diabetes Prevention Program Curriculum.

Seamless Tracking

A wireless scale mailed to each participant for seamless tracking weight loss (no pens, pads or Excel spreadsheets).

12-Month Program 

Healthy eating, physical activity, overcoming negative barriers to health and sustaining outcomes.


 Monthly follow-up component lasting up to 8 months after the program to ensure sustainable outcomes. 



proactive coaching 

Your health coach is available through messaging within the app and over the phone.

Ease of use

Setting up our scale is as easy as stepping on it. Navigating our software platform is as comfortable and familiar.

Clinically-based curriculum 

This program is designed to provide quantifiable results and measurable outcomes.


  • Receive a wireless scale for easy, secure, HIPAA-compliant tracking of weight loss progress.

  • Meet their personal health coach, who will not only guide them with frequent interactions (messaging + phone), but motivate, instruct and support them.

  • Gain access to the Transform Online dashboard, accessible via iPhones, Android Smart Phones, iPads and most Android tablets.

  • Explore the resources of Transform Online:

    • Weekly lessons

    • Dynamic progress measurement

    • Online Transform Community Group

    • A personal connection with their dedicated health coach


How Transform Works