Our Diabetes Prevention Program now speaks to 40 million more people.

Este artículo también está disponible en español.

We at Blue Mesa Health are proud to introduce Transformemos, our digital diabetes prevention program based on the CDC’s Prevenga el T2 Spanish-language program and developed from the ground up for the Hispanic/Latino cultural context.

Over the last few years, we have been proud to deliver our digital diabetes prevention program Transform to hundreds of individuals and, in the coming months, look forward to delivering it to thousands more.

We have already helped many members of the community begin a new chapter of their lives by embarking on a behavior change program, delivered with best-in-class technology, which will empower them tochange their habits and prevent or significantly delay their chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

Now we are proud announce Transformemos for the millions of people who speak Spanish at home, with their family, among friends and at work. Healthy behavior change is personal journey — and a social one.

We already deliver our digital program to many individuals whose first language in the home and at work is Spanish and we have learned how our program can help tens of millions more people: by speaking their language.

Transformemos is a digital diabetes prevention program based on our already-successful behavior change program: participants receive a wireless scale and Fitbit in the mail, pair up with a dedicated Spanish-speaking health coach, join a community of Spanish-speaking peers and embark on a health journey based on the CDC’s Prevenga El T2 Spanish language curriculum.

With this program, we can continue to provide the tools and support to empower more people prevent type 2 diabetes.


The Team at Blue Mesa Health