Blue Mesa Health Partners with Solera Health

We’re very pleased today to take another step forward in helping thousands of Americans reduce their risk for Type 2 Diabetes. We are partnering with Solera Health to deliver Transform, our translation of the Diabetes Prevention Program. With this partnership, Blue Mesa Health will be able to reach more individuals who can benefit from Transform, and Solera Health will be able to offer their clients a digitally-delivered diabetes prevention program.


Health Community Integrator Expands Network of Digital Diabetes Prevention Program Providers, Ensuring Greater Patient Choice

 PHOENIX, AZ –December 15, 2015 – Solera Health, Inc., a technology-enabled health community integrator for evidence-based chronic disease prevention, today announced that it has partnered with Blue Mesa Health, a digital therapeutics platform for chronic disease prevention, to deliver an innovative new digital National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) to help combat the diabetes epidemic. Blue Mesa will join the growing number of digital program providers in the Solera Health network that deliver DPP virtually as an ACA-covered medical benefit.

According to the Journal of American Medical Association, 50 percent of U.S. adults today have diabetes or prediabetes. These chronic diseases are an enormous problem for the workforce, hospital systems and health insurance plans. With diabetes medication costing nearly $4,500 per year per person, the impact of type 2 diabetes on health claims costs, absenteeism, workplace engagement and general well-being is significant. Medical directors, benefits directors, human resources teams and wellness program managers are looking for a solution to the growing prevalence of type 2 diabetes.

Blue Mesa Health has developed an innovative new digital health platform, called Transform, that is a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-recognized mobile platform for reversing prediabetes. The Transform program adapts the DPP to a digital experience by combining the use of convenient technology and high-frequency interactions– including smartphones, wearable activity trackers, a digital scale, video chat, messaging and social media — with the irreplaceable empathetic nature of human relationships with a dedicated health coach and support community. The Transform solution helps individuals establish healthier habits, reach their personal health goals, and prevent chronic disease long after the program completion.

Solera Health was founded with the mission of transforming the chronic disease prevention delivery program model as it exists today by simplifying the contracting and referral process for payers, and creating a sustainable revenue model for community and digital program providers. By integrating a nationwide network of community organizations and digital solutions for chronic disease prevention programs, Solera improves health by simplifying patient choice, access and engagement.

“At Solera Health, we believe that when it comes to preventive health, consumer choice is the key to individual engagement and successful outcomes. That is why we are committed to finding and delivering the best-in-class DPP solutions and empowering individuals to choose among them to find the one that best fit their needs,” said Brenda Schmidt, founder and CEO of Solera Health. “We are delighted to add another digital DPP provider such as Blue Mesa Health and its Transform program to our network to offer additional program options for those at risk of diabetes.”

Curtis Duggan, co-founder and CEO of Blue Mesa Health, added his thoughts: “This partnership with Solera Health will allow us to deliver Transform to more participants than ever before. We believe that working with a partner like Solera Health, whose offering provides the market with an array of DPP choices, will ensure that the participants in this market get the right program for them. We’re very excited about providing Transform as one of those options on the Solera platform.”

For more information about Transform, please contact us at or Contact Us via our website.