Gary’s Story


What health issues were you facing prior to Transform?

Potential for Type 2 Diabetes. Overweight. Muscoskeletal issues.


What might have been the result had you not joined the program?

Diabetes. Higher potential for heart disease. More injury prone due to extra weight.


What health changes and benefits have you seen as a result of Transform?

Lost almost 40 pounds in the program. Improved the type and quantity of foods eaten. Increased exercise activity.


Would you recommend this program to others? Why or why not?

Yes, because it works.


What has surprised you the most about yourself during your experience? Is there anything you are doing now that you never anticipated or expected?

That I enjoyed working with the health coach. Michelle was great. She was measured in her comments and encouraging. I would not have guessed that I could have completed the program with success beyond what I had envisioned. I am eating healthier now.


What components of the Transform program have you liked the best?

1) Regular interaction with the coach. 2) The lessons and quizzes were informative and of great value and education.


What advice would you give a participant who is just getting started in Transform about how they can make the most of their experience?

Don’t get discouraged. Stick to the program. Ask questions if you need to. Don’t be shy about asking.


In your own words, how else would you describe your experience with Transform?

As a middle-aged man, it was a blessing to run across this program. It was easier than I had imagined it would be. Not a quick fix, by slow and steady wins the race. I have kept the weight off, improved my diet, and I know like vegetables! And I like my new wardrobe!!