How to weigh yourself for the first time:

  • Take the scale out of the box, remove the plastic, and snap in the 4 AA batteries included in the package.
  • Place the scale on a flat, hard, and even surface to get accurate readings. Avoid carpets or bath mats. Avoid wobbly bathroom tiles and uneven hardwood flooring.
  • We encourage you to weigh yourself as soon as you wake up, prior to consuming any liquids or food.  Please weigh yourself in the same way each time you step on the Transform scale.
  • The first time you weigh yourself, take 3 measurements. This will calibrate your scale and ensure your measurements are accurate. 
  • Weigh yourself regularly throughout the program. At a minimum, please step on the scale three times a week.
  • Please note, you do not need the Transform app open or in close proximity for the data to transfer. It communicates on the cellular network. The weigh-in data is automatically communicated to your Transform app and to your health coach..
  • Remember that this scale is connected to your Transform account, so if someone else steps on it, their weight will show up on your app! Try to keep the scale just for yourself.

Click Here if you need assistance with Troubleshooting Your Scale.  If you are still experiencing issues after using the troubleshoot PDF, please contact Blue Mesa Health Support at