Maria’s Story


What health issues were you facing prior to Transform?

High cholesterol, pre-diabetic, left ankle getting swollen, arthritis in the knee, depression and anxiety.


What might have been the result had you not joined the program?

I would be diabetic and with my high cholesterol could lead to heart attack or stroke. Or might not be here. Lost cousin age 42 of a heart attack.


What health changes and benefits have you seen as a result of Transform?

I am no longer considered pre-diabetic, my cholesterol has dropped. My doctor told me my numbers were the best he has ever seen me get in the pass.


Would you recommend this program to others? Why or why not?

Yes. I would recommend it especially if you are not motivated on your own. This help me keep on track and continue after having a bad week.


What has surprised you the most about yourself during your experience? Is there anything you are doing now that you never anticipated or expected?

What has surprise me the most is keeping my healthy eating home more than a month. I am now cooking at home all time, which before I would only cook breakfast sometimes, for lunch and dinner I would go grab fast food or have processed foods at my desk or go to set down restaurant and have heavy meal. My nephew calls it my new hobby since I spend more time in kitchen then watching TV.


What components of the Transform program have you liked the best?

The reading material and exercising tracking. Reading gave me motivation and new ideas to continue being committed to myself. I would try to do the same minutes of exercise each week or more, knowing how much chart showed.


What advice would you give a participant who is just getting started in Transform about how they can make the most of their experience?

My advice to you is it will not be easy at the beginning but once you start seeing the weight loss, your skin looking good, buying new clothes and feeling more energetic more alive you will want to continue to achieve your goals and be motivated.


In your own words, how else would you describe your experience with Transform?

I do thank the program and my coach. My doctor was concerned about where my health was getting, my numbers getting higher every year. I do feel that if I would not have joined, my life would have been worse now, since I was under a lot of stress and all the numbers were high. Since I started the Transform program, I have felt more energetic, less stressed and happier about how I feel and look. I want to learn new recipes to try something new every week.