Tracy’s Story


What health issues were you facing prior to Transform?

High blood pressure, borderline high cholesterol, pain in joints.


What might have been the result had you not joined the program?

I believe had I not decided to make a lifestyle change I was on the path to a heart attack or even stroke.


What health changes and benefits have you seen as a result of Transform?

I have seen my resting heart rate drop significantly. I have also seen my blood pressure drop to normal range. I have more energy and my joints no longer are painful. I have even seen a reduction in migraine headaches. I don’t feel like I want to hide anymore. I love going to places and noticing that the seats are no longer tight and uncomfortable.


Would you recommend this program to others? Why or why not?

Yes!!! Losing weight and regaining your life is such a personal journey but it helps so much to have someone that is cheering you on and available to pick you up when you stumble.


What has surprised you the most about yourself during your experience? Is there anything you are doing now that you never anticipated or expected?

I have attempted to lose weight many times before. This time was different. I have actually learned to enjoy healthy foods. I may not enjoy working out every time I go, but i am able to go longer and further than I ever have. I am even starting to jog a bit.


What components of the Transform program have you liked the best?

As much as I hate the scale some days, knowing I need to weigh in keeps me accountable. I have enjoyed knowing that if I need anything my coach is no further than a text away and is always there with a word of encouragement.


What advice would you give a participant who is just getting started in Transform about how they can make the most of their experience?

Never never give up! There will be days when your numbers aren’t what you wanted to see. There will be days when you stumble but the most important thing is to get right back up and move forward. Each challenge you face and each challenge you overcome is so worth it. Because YOU are wort it!!!


In your own words, how else would you describe your experience with Transform?

I began this journey more than a year ago. My mom was diagnosed over 14 years ago with diabetes. She progressed from medicine controlled to high doses of insulin each day. She is now in a wheelchair and can no longer work. One day I stepped on the scale and it read 250 pounds. I knew I was headed down the same path and my daughter would one day have to deal with my declining health. I didn’t want that for here and I didn’t want that for me. So I decided to make a change. I want to live my life to the fullest. Transform has helped me remain accountable to my goals. Even when I stumble and the number on the scale goes up there is someone there who knows what I am going through or where I have been. It is nice to have someone to understand and to give encouragement when you need it. I will most likely deal with temptation and food issues for the rest of my life. You have used it as a reward/comfort for the majority of my life. However, Transform has given me the tools to cope with challenges along the way and for the first time, I truly feel like I will continue to be successful. I started this journey at 250 pounds a year ago in April. I am currently at 185 and hope to hit my next goal of 170 at the year mark of my journey.