Step 1: Setup your software



Download your Transform app:

Transform icon.png
  • Reset your password: After you sign in for the first time, you can change your password by tapping "Reset my password". You will receive an email from Transform Support within a few minutes with instructions to change your password.

  • Start tracking your food using the food and beverage tracker built into the app. Your coach will be able to view your food entries and provide tailored feedback.

  • Start chatting with your coach and your fellow Transformers through the Transform Group chat.




First, download the Fitbit App and set up your Fitbit account:


Then, connect your Fitbit account to your Transform account

  • You’ll need to connect your new Fitbit account to your Transform account so that your coach can see your activity to help you set goals and stay on track.

    • Open your Transform app and from the Dashboard (the house icon on the bottom left), scroll down and you will see a button that says "Fitbit Status".

    • Tap “Connect my Fitbit”

    • Enter your login information. IMPORTANT: This step requires the login credentials that are linked to your Fitbit account and NOT your Transform account.

Finally, start tracking your activity

Technical Issues: For any technical issues with the app or scale, contact the Blue Mesa Health Support Team at



Step #2: Set up your hardware



Every time you step on your Transform scale, your weight measurement is automatically sent to your Transform app and to your health coach. You can track your weight loss progress from the Transform dashboard.

Remember that this scale is connected to your Transform account, so if someone else steps on it, their weight will show up on your app! Try to keep the scale just for yourself.

Please read the instructions on weighing yourself for the first time.




The Fitbit is an activity tracker that you wear on your wrist. It tracks your steps, active minutes and calories burned.  Your health coach will also be able to see your Fitbit data and can give you feedback and guidance on increasing your physical activity.

  • You’ll need to earn your Fitbit by:

    • Stepping on the scale at least three times each week.

    • Complete your one-on-one coaching session each week.

    • Posting to the Transform Community Group at least once each week.

    • Complete each weekly lesson and quiz.

    • Track your food in Transform or Fitbit app.

Once you’ve earned your Fitbit, you will receive an email from Solera Health with instructions on how to redeem your Fitbit.